Virtualization Performance

Guoqing Li君の国際会議CLOSER 2021での発表

当研究室M1のGuoqing Li 君が,クラウドコンピューティングの応用に関する国際会議 11th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Service Science (CLOSER 2021) にて下記の 論文を発表しました: Guoqing

Comparative performance study of lightweight hypervisors used in container environment

Virtual Machines (VMs) are used extensively in cloud computing. The underlying hypervisor allows hardware resources to be split into multiple virtual units which enhances resource utilization. However, VMs with traditional architecture introduce heavy overhead and reduce workload performance. Containers have been introduced to overcome this drawback, yet such a solution raises security concerns due to poor isolation. Lightweight hypervisors have been leveraged to strike a balance between performance and isolation. We conducted a comprehensive performance evaluation of containers based on modern lightweight hypervisors, elaborated on the limitations that affect virtualization performance, identified the best fit use case for practitioners and provided pros and cons analysis of each solution in great detail.