概要 高性能計算機の多くは,複数の計算機を相互結合網と呼ばれるネットワークを介して相互接続したクラスタアーキテクチャを採用しています.クラスタ

A Multipath Controller for Accelerating GridFTPTransfer over SDN

A large amount of scientific data needs to be transferred from one site to another as fast as possible in the computational science fields. High-speed data transfer between sites is very important, especially in the Grid computing field; GridFTP has been widely used for bulk data transfer over a wide area network. GridFTP achieves greater performance by supporting parallel TCP streams. Using parallel TCP streams improves the throughput of slow-start algorithms and lossy networks even on a single path.

Overseer: SDN-Assisted Bandwidth and Latency Aware Route Optimization based on Application Requirement

Bandwidth and latency are two major factors that contribute the most to network application performance. Between each pair of switches in a network, there may be multiple paths connecting them. Each path has different proper- ties because of multiple factors. Traditional shortest-path routing does not take this knowledge into consideration and may result in sub-optimal performance of applications and underutilization of the network. We propose a concept of “bandwidth and latency aware routing”.

Multipath TCP routing with OpenFlow

Multipath TCP (MPTCP) is an extension to TCP that allows multiple TCP subflows to be created from a single application socket. This is done automatically by operating system kernel implementation, such as MPTCP Kernel. MPTCP has advantages over network layer and application layer multipathing. This is because MPTCP, unlike network layer mechanisms such as Equal-Cost Multipathing (ECMP), is capable of independent congestion control on multiple paths and therefore works well in unequal networks, which is the situation of PRAGMA-ENT.

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