Software Repository Mining

Treasure digging in software development history – Repository Mining In this research, we aim at supporting software comprehension. By analyzing and arranging software development history, we propose methods to present the corresponding data. Especially, we focus on software repository which is our major data source. Software Repository refers to a development infrastructure that allows developers to collaborate among others for software development via network. It is also a collective term of version control system that manages source code, as well as a mailing list management system that keeps track of discussions among developers.

Software Analytics

What is Software Analytics Software analytics aims at helping individual or team to make better decision in software development. For this reason, software-related data such as source code or development history is analyzed. Afterwards, the corresponding result is provided in a way that can be shared among individual or team. Reference Work:Tim Menzies, Thomas Zimmermann. “Software Analytics: So What?”. In Journal IEEE Software archive Volume 30 Issue 4, July 2013 Pages 31-37.