Mr. Fukumoto and Mr. Ihara presented their research at Winter Workshop 2023 in Toyama

Daisuke Fukumoto and Akihito Ihara from SDLab presented at the Winter Workshop 2023 in Toyama, 20-21 January 2023.

Mr. Fukumoto presented his paper titled “Toward Building a Code Completion Model for a Specific Project”. The paper discusses the challenge and solution of Deep Learning-based code completion in that the models cannot suggest appropriate code for a specific project.

Mr.Ihara presented his paper titled “Towards Automating Code Review Using Data Flow Graph”. The paper discusses the method for Automated Code Rereview based on GraphCodeBERT, the deep learning model which can consider the variable dependency.

Fukumoto Daisuke
Fukumoto Daisuke
Master’s Student