Mr. Guoqing Li and Dr. Dario Faggioli's Collabrative Talk at KVM Forum 2021

Mr. Guoqing Li, a master student from SDLab and Dr. Dario Faggioli, a virtualization specialist from SUSE lab gave a joint talk on the topic of KubeVirt: The cost of Containerizing VMs at KVM Forum 2021.

KubeVirt is an add-on for Kubernetes to manage both containers and VMs in a unified manner. They evaluated the performance impact of resource usage accounting and limitation caused by container runtimes, as well as the architectural limitation resulted from integrating QEMU/KVM into Kubernetes stack.

They showed that KubeVirt’s limitation on configuring NUMA CPU topology can slow down the CPU performance up to 60%, and proper tuning can mitigate this CPU performance overhead to some degree but further improvement is needed since this will not only have the impact on the performance, but can also lead to issues with live migrations.

The introduction and presentation slides of the talk is available at here.

Guoqing Li
Guoqing Li
Master’s Student

Master student at Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan. Member of Software Design and Analysis Laboratory. Currently researching on container-based virtualization - A comparative performance study of container-based hypervisors.