Mr. Horikawa and Ms. Watanabe presented their papers at the SIGSS workshop in Okinawa

Mr. Kosei Horikawa and Ms. Miku Watanabe, students in Nara National College of Technology and our collaborators (Internship students), presented their studies at the SIGSS workshop (non-peer-reviewed), held on March 14-15th, 2023 in Okinawa.

Mr. Horikawa presented his paper titled “Toward Investigating the Impact of Refactoring on Test Execution Time”. This study explores the frequency, types of test code refactoring, and its impact on test execution time.

Ms. Watanabe presented her paper titled “Toward Investigating the Impact of Adopting Rapid Release on Self-Admitted Technical Debt Introductions”. The paper investigates how SATD introduction/removal changes before and after adopting rapid release.

Fukumoto Daisuke
Fukumoto Daisuke
Master’s Student