Workshop on Accountability and Traceability
in Global Software Engineering (ATGSE2007)
in Nagoya, Japan, December 3, 2007

Co-located with the 14th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC'07)

Objective and Motivation

This workshop will explore approaches to collecting, analyzing, and reporting software engineering metrics in projects that may be globally distributed, involve multiple offshore companies, and use combinations of open source and proprietary software components. While many companies and academic software engineering researchers have explored ways to collect and analyze empirical software metrics within a company, the reality of modern software development involves outsourcing, offshore development, and integration from multiple sources. Unfortunately, corporate concerns often limit the availability and use of empirical data outside the project or company, which can make providing accountability and traceability for such projects difficult. This workshop will examine the status of efforts to collect and report software engineering metrics in various Asian-Pacific countries, and some possible approaches to extending the availability and use of this information to suit the global outsourced software engineering world.

The workshop will address several topics:

  1. Status of empirical software engineering efforts in various Asian-Pacific areas
  2. Software development environments, including global outsourcing and use of components from multiple vendors
  3. Empirical data collection methods and specifications
  4. Tools for collection and analysis of empirical data
  5. Visualization of empirical data and software engineering processes
  6. Possible approaches to accountability and traceability for offshore development based on software engineering metrics
  7. Social and economic impacts of accountability and traceability in offshore development
  8. Research and collaboration possibilities to explore concepts of accountability and traceability in offshore development

The key result of the workshop will be a report mapping the status of empirical software engineering efforts in the Asian-Pacific areas and possible approaches to accountability and traceability for offshore development. The report will also list necessary research areas dealing with this.

This workshop has implications for software maintenance and evolution, global software development outsourcing, software metrics and measurement, empirical software engineering, software process improvement, quality management, and testing, verification and validation among other topics of interest to the APSEC 2007 community. As embedded, ubiquitous software becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, effective accountability and traceability will become necessary. This workshop will begin to build the necessary foundations for this work.

Paper Submission and Publication

The workshop will be one full day, with 20-30 attendees including invited and open ones. The workshop will consist of 4-6 invited speaker presentations and 5-10 selected position paper presentations. All papers should be written in the IEEE conference format (

While it is preferred that attendees submit position papers, it is understood that not everyone will have a position paper. Attendees will include:

  1. Invited Speakers
  2. Attendees with position papers
  3. Attendees

The Information Processing Society of Japan will publish accepted papers of the workshop in the workshop proceedings with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).

Please submit your position papers by sending them to The paper can be in MS Word format or PDF.

Important dates

ATGSE 2007 Preliminary Program

  1. Keynote 30min. including clarification Q&A
  2. Short 15min. including clarification Q&A
  3. Discussion 15min.
  1. 9:50-10:00 Opening
  1. 10:00-11:00 Session 1: Challenges of Global Software Development
  1. Keynote Presentation
  2. David Notkin
  3. Culture Can Confound Global Software Metrics
  1. Short Presentation
  2. Mike Barker
  3. The Challenge of Global Software Development
  1. Discussion
  1. 11:00-11:10 Break
  1. 11:10-12:40 Session 2: Global Data Collection and Analysis
  1. Keynote Presentation
  2. Pankaj Jalote
  3. Tracking Projects with Globally Distributed Teams
  1. Short Presentation
  2. Akito Monden
  3. Some Open Problems in Software Project Data Analysis
  1. Short Presentation
  2. Paul S Grisham, Hajimu Iida, and Dewayne E. Perry
  3. Improving Design Intent Research for Software Maintenance
  1. Short Presentation
  2. Masataka Nagura, Hajimu Iida
  3. Correlation Analysis for Distributed Development based on
  4. Configuration Management and Bug Report
  1. Discussion
  1. 12:40-13:40 Lunch
  1. 13:40-15:40 Session 3: National Reports and Tools
  1. Keynote Presentation
  2. Yulin Wang
  3. Approaches to Accountability for Offshore Software Development
  1. Short Presentation
  2. Harvey Siy
  3. Monitoring Offshored/Outsourced Software Maintenance Projects
  1. Short Presentation
  2. Tien N. Nguyen
  3. Conflict Detection and Resolution in Global Software Design
  1. Short Presentation
  2. Shuji Morisaki, Hajimu Iida
  3. Applying Micro Process Analysis to Global Software Development
  1. Short Presentation
  2. Jacky Keung
  3. Software Engineers' View of Software Metrics in Australia: A Survey
  1. Short Presentation
  2. Dehua Ju
  3. SPI and Benchmarking in China
  1. Discussion
  1. 15:40-15:50 Break
  1. 15:50-16:50 Session 4: STAGE: an Approach
  1. Keynote Presentation
  2. Kenichi Matsumoto
  3. STAGE Project (Software Traceability and Accountability for Global software Engineering) - Purchaser-Centered Approach in Empirical Software Engineering -
  1. Short Presentation
  2. Katsuro Inoue
  3. Software Tag: Empirical Software Engineering Data for Traceability and Transparency of Software Project
  1. Discussion
  1. 16:50-17:00 Closing

Workshop Organization